Diploma in Translation

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Duration : One Year (One hour class twice a week)
Course Content :-

(a) Anuvad Sidhant (Principles and theory of translation.
(b) Anuvad Prikriya (Procedure of Translation)
(c) Anuvad Ke Prakar (Kinds of Translation)
(d) Karyalai Evam Vyavharik Anuvad (Official and Practical Translation)
(e) Anuvad Ka Vyavharik Prashikshan (Practice of Practical Translation)
(f) Takniki Anuvad (Technical Translation)

Scope with the Course Free lance Translator, Hindi Translator in Govt. Sector, Hindi Officer in Banks, Translator in News Papers and Translator in all Public Sectors, Translator in Legislative Assemblies and in Parliament.