Nursery Teacher Training



As an individual responsible for shaping young impressionable minds, the nursery teacher plays one of the most important roles in the life of a growing child. In this course we train our students in child psychology, nutrition, recreation, child development and the skill of using teaching aids to make education interesting for children.

Courses Offered :
i) N.T.T. 1 year


Course Content
(1) Indian Education System
(2) Child Psychology
(3) Principle & Method of Teaching
(4) Child Health & Nutrition
(5) Indoor Lesson Planning & Teaching Skills.
(6) Art (Audio-Visual Teaching Aids)
(7) Craft
(8) Computers in Education
(9) Internship
(10) Files & Projects
(11) Communication Skills
(12) Educational Visits & Excursions
(13) Interactive Workshops
(14) Internship

Job Opportunities
Students can work in Nursery Schools, Kindergarden, Play School, with NGOs and even start their own play school.