About Our Centre

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Janki Devi Vocational Centre under the aegis of Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala Sewa Smarak Trust Society was set up with an objective “Commitment to improve the future of Women”.

Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala Sewa Smarak Trust Society was established in 1952 by the dynamic and visionary Late Shri Brijkrishan Chandiwala, a veteran Gandhian and philanthropist, in the momery of his illustrious father Late Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala. President of prominent social service organizations such as Bharat Sewak Samaj and Sadachar Samiti, Shri Brijkrishan Chandiwala was a simple man, endowed with a visionary mind and was awarded “PADMSHRI”. He formed the Society with the mission.

This commitment coupled with our quest for excellence has spurred our growth and led us into the twenty first Century. We at JDVC are alive not only to the present needs of our country but also to the emerging challenges of the future. Continuous improvement has been the mainstay of our existence for the past 41 years. The centre is positive about providing the best and up-to-date skill development training to its students.

The courses have been designed to meet the two-fold requirements of young girls.

The first requirement is Manpower Development. Change in work procedures, innovations through adoption of science and technology, increased use of computers, etc. make it absolutely necessary to have skilled manpower who are able to fit into the current work environment. We at JDVC are constantly upgrading our syllabi based on feed-back from the industry and alumni. Computer Software Applications, Secretarial Practice and Office Management, N.T.T./NPTT, Fashion Design Technology, Textile Design, Interior Designing, Fine Art, Garment Manufacturing Technology, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, Cosmetology, Media, Travel & Tourism are some of the Diploma/ Certificate courses offered at our centre.

In continuation of our endeavour to provide the best we have collaborated with Moving Media Workshop, School of Media Studies for Journalism & Media Courses, Pracheen Kala Kendra for Fine Art, Dance & Music Courses, and newjob.ai for Digital Marketing & Data Science. These courses will benefit students with professional training & internship, enabling them to get experience even before they are awarded diplomas.

The second requirement is the preparation for life. Modern society has become increasingly complex. Young girls are now expected to possess social and interpersonal skills along with family management skills. Home Science, Personality Development, Art & Craft, Food Craft & Home Decoration etc. are few such courses. Skills gained from these are now increasingly being used to set up small business ventures from home.