Arts & Crafts

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Arts & Crafts are the soul of Indian Heritage as each region of India has its own “Artistic Treasures”. An understanding of medium, material and their intrinsic qualities, is as relevant to Arts & Crafts today as it has been in the past.

This course is to introduce and enhance the techniques commonly employed by craftsmen & artists.

Duration: One Year/Two Years

(1) Introduction of Art Material & Techniques
(2) Basic Drawing & Sketching
(3) Object Drawing & Painting
(4) Craft Work
(a) Paper Craft
(b) Stencil Craft
(c) Flower Making etc.
(5) Indian Traditional Arts
(6) Shilpkar Work
(7) Tin Craft
(8) Pot Decoration
(9) Exhibition
(10) Workshop
(11) Visits

School Crafts Teacher, Exposition Decoration Running Hobby Centres, Handicrafts Industry Interior Decoration, Conduct Craft Workshop
Duration : Second Year
(1) Drawing & Sketching
(2) Colour Theory
(3) Oil Painting
(4) Paper Sculpture
(5) Flower Making
(6) Paper Craft
(7) Paper Machie
(8) Madhubani Painting
(9) Kalamkari
(10) Warli Painting
(11) Mirror Glass Painting
(12) Batik
(13) Computer