Textile Designing

 Top 10 Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi


Textile Designing is one of the most ancient crafts of India. Each Indian State has a priceless treasure of Prints, Designs, Colour, Embroideries and Textiles, built up over centuries and immensely popular with the textile Industry. The Textile Designing Course at J.D.V.C equips students with the necessary skills required for the Textile Industry. Students are provided with indepth knowledge of everything from design and colour,to types of dyeing and printing procedures. Students learn to create designs for apparel, furnishing and upholstery. We therefore cater to the Textile Industry as well as the Fashion Industry in different areas.



(1) Basic Design

(2) Textile Science

(3) Design Development

(4) Colour & Texture

(5) Nature Study

(6) Outdoor Sketching

(7) Textile Craft

(8) Basic Weaving

(9) Computers


First Year

(1) Textile Science

(2) Basic Design

(3) Design Development

(4) Colour & Texture

(5) Nature Study

(6) Outdoor Sketching

(7) Textile Craft

(8) Computers I

(9) Basics of Weaving-I


Second Year

(1) Motif Development

(2) Stylised Design

(3) Design Illustrations

(4) Advanced Colour & Texture

(5) Printing & Painting Techniques ( Photographical Screen Printing)

(6) Traditional Indian Textile

(7) Computer Applications II

(8) Dying Techniques

(9) Weaving-II

(10) Knitting

(11) TUKA Studio

-> Printing
-> Repeats
-> Knitting
-> Jacquard
-> Weaving
-> Story Board
-> Colour Sepration
-> Color Ways


(12) Project (Design)/Exhibition

(13) Textile Science- II



Designers for Block & Screen Print, Designers for Embroidery, Designers for Hand Painted Textiles, Designers for Weaving Industry, Quality Controller, Export House Coordinator, Instructor Hobby Classes, Freelance Designer