French Language



French Language:

Duration - One Year

- Salutations, Conversations, Numbers (Ordinal and Cardinal), days of the week, months of the year, nationalities, alphabets, accents, body parts, colours, seasons, plural, accords.

- Indefinite articles, definite articles, possessive adjectives irregular adjectives, time, pronouns, nouns

- Present tense, imperfect tense.

- Negation, prepositions, expressions of point of view

- Interrogative, subjunctive - Near future tense, imperative tense

- Recent past tense, simple future

- Present yourself, family, best friend etc.

- Sentence formation, to inform price, quantity expression

- Past tense (Simple past) - Stressed / disjunctive pronouns, relative pronouns

- Quantity (adverbs), demonstrative pronouns

- Partitive articles

- Reflexive verbs/pronominal verbs

- Contracted articles

- Formal letter, paragraph writing, message, mail

- Direct compliment pronouns, indirect compliment pronouns, interrogative adverbs

- Postcard, description of place, person etc., blog, identity card, announcement of birth

- Comprehension, obligations, invitation (expressions of propose, accept, refuse) 

- To demand for direction expression, comparison


Duration - Two Years

- Negative and restrictions

- Noun forms, connectors, expressions of durations, cause, consequence, opposition.

- Adverbs, nominalisation, simple past tense, imperfect tense, more than perfect tense (plus one parficit)

- Subjunctive, pronouns (COD, COI, y, en)

- Comparison, Superlative

- Accords of past participle, prepositions

- Neutral pronouns, interrogative pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, active and passive voice, conditional present, possessive pronouns, adjectives.

- (gerondif) the gerund

- (en + present participle)

- Hypothesis

- Message, postcard, mail, critic of film, letter, theme questions, topic writing

- Expressions of indifference, approval, disapproval, certain, incertain, intention etc.

- Justification of choice

- Reported Speech

- Dialogue making, role play, on the spot topic (declamation)

- Ecoutez - Listening skills