A. Facebook

     Course Introduction

     Understanding Facebook

     Understanding the Facebook Algorithm

     Understanding of Facebook Pages, Groups, Messenger and Live

     How to manage Facebook

     Basic Understanding Of Facebook Ads (We can take forward if students are interested)

     Discover the key elements involved in creating an outstanding content strategy for Facebook.

     Grow your organic Facebook reach.

     Learn how to plan and optimize your

     Facebook Ads.


 B. Instagram

     Course Introduction

     Understanding Instagram

     Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

     How to Build your Profile

     Different ways to use Content

     Which content to choose and when




     How to create account

     How to create Tweets

     Discover how to choose the right Twitter content mix for your brand.

     Understand the Twitter algorithm so you can make the right marketing and sales decisions.


 D. Pinterest


     Difference Between profiles

     Why do we use Pinterest

     Strategy for Pinterest

     Elements of Pinterest


 E. YouTube

      Understanding YouTube

     Understanding YouTube algorithm

     Difference Between Shorts and video

     How to create YouTube Channel

     What type of content to Post

     Understanding the YouTube Dashboard

     Livestream On YouTube


 F. LinkedIn

     Understanding LinkedIn

     Why LinkedIn

     Objective of using LinkedIn

     Understanding LinkedIn Algorithm

     Elements of LinkedIn


 G. Content Marketing

 H. How to study Social Media Analytics

 I. Build Your Personal Brand

 J. All about Freelancing




  6 Hours