Language Courses


NOTE: Admission Fees of 150/- INR to be paid along with each course fee.
Timing: Confirm with J.D.V.C. Office.

 1 Spoken English

Level - I Beginner

(Tenses,Understanding of Verbs, Active Passive, Propositions, Prepositional Phrases, Articles, Translsations Vocabulary, Day to Day Communication.


2 Months

(24 classes)

1 hr each class

Level-II : Intermediates

(All the Above (briefly), stress laid on communication skills related to various situations :- Business, Friends, Metro, Market, Old Person, Parents, Boss. Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Effective ways of Communication related to situations & day to day Interaction. Structure formation correct use of vocabulary and pronunciation.


1 Months

(12 classes)

1 hr each class
2 French Language      

This will contain elementary french, day to day conversation, introducing oneself, vocabulary in respect of class, school, house, seasons, months, asking and telling time, parts of body, veg & food, restaurant, nationalities, some verbs, adjectives, etc. Tenses : Present Past, Future, Imperatives : Adjectives, Pronouns, Next Level of Vocabulary, Information on Travelling etc.


 6 Months

(72 classes)

1 hr each class