Travel and Tourism

NOTE: Admission Fees of 150/- INR to be paid along with each course fee.
Timing: Confirm with J.D.V.C. Office.

1 Basic Course in Travel & Tourism
1. Geography
a. India Geography
b. World Geography-Location on the world Map
2. Travel Theory
a. Introduction to the Travel & Tourism Industry
b. Major International & Regional Organisations
c. Geography in Travel Itineraries
d. Travel Formalities 
e. Airport Formalities
3. Elements of Tourism
a. Hotels
b. Tour Packages
c. Railways-Domestic and International
d. Car Rentals
e. Ferries & Cruises
4. Air Fares & Ticketing
a. Area/Sub Area
b. Global Indicators
c. Types of Journey
d. Direction & Usage of Fares
e. Currency Regulations & Rounding
f. Pricing Itineraries
g. Ticketing
h. Special Fares

Note : Training Sessions are incorporated with Audio-Visual Aids.

6 months

(72 classes)

2 Computerised Reservation System (CRS)
a . Encoding & Decoding
b . Flight Availability
c . PNR Creation
d. Optional Elements
e. Seat Request
f. Cars
g. Hotels
h. Fare Display
i . Itinerary Pricing
j . E-Ticketing

3 months

(36 classes)