French & German Language

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French Language:

Introduction to the Language :

1) Day to day conversation

2) Grammar

3) Spoken language necessary for Travel & Tourism.

4) Reading & Writing

(Emphasis on present tense)


This will contain elementary french, day to day conversation, introducing oneself, vocabulary in respect of class, school, house, seasons, months, asking and telling time, parts of body, veg & food, restaurant, nationalities, some verbs, adjectives, etc.


Tenses : Present Past, Future, Imperatives : Adjectives, Pronouns, Next Level of Vocabulary, Clothes, Passport, Visa and Some Information on Travelling etc.


More on Pronouns, Past Perfect Tenses, Next level of Verbs Classification, Adverbs, Comparatives etc.


German Language:

Introduction to the Language :

1) Day to Day Conversation

2) Grammar

3) Spoken Language necessary for Travel & Tourism.

4) Reading & Writing.

. . .And many more.

German Language Syllabus through the year

Sentence : Statement, Question, (Question for completion and decision) command. Coordination of clauses.

Placing of the verb in the sentence: first, second and last place.

Word order in a main clause.

Details of time, manner and place (casual). Verb : Infinitive, Imperative, Indicative- Prasersn, Perfekt, Prateritum of auxiliary and modal verbs (meaning, indicative Prasens & Prateritum, mochten).

Verbs with prefixes-separable and inseparable.

Nouns : Gender, plural, Nominative, Accusative, Dative.

Articles : Definite and Indefinite. Adjectives: Predicative use.

Pronouns: Personal, Interrogative, Possessive and Demonstrative Pronouns.

Prepositions: With Accusative, with Detive.

Conjunctions: und, aber, oder, sondern, denn, dann.

Numerals : cardinal and ordinal numbers.

Modal particles: aber, auch, denn, doch, mal, nur.

Negation: nicht, kein, nie

Special adverbs : gern/lieber/am liebsten.